Nutrient Boot Camp Tea Directory

tea directory

Suggested Tea Combinations

For the tea shopping list and a printable version of these suggested tea combinations, check out the main Nutrient Boot Camp page.

Green Tea + Peppermint

Lavender + Chamomile + Calendula

Dandelion root + Green Tea

Nettle + Marshmallow + Nutmeg

Peppermint + Orange Peel

Echinacea + Green tea

Black Tea + Rosehip + Hibiscus

Yerba Mate + Ginger Root

Licorice + Nutmeg

Nettle + Lavender

Green Tea and Lemongrass

Raw Cacao + Nutmeg

Black Tea and Ginger Root

Green Tea + Peppermint + Dandelion Root

Where I Buy

I’ve recently fallen in love with ordering tea in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs.  I’ve found that it’s cheaper and the quality is fantastic…the links to each type of tea they provide is below. I also buy in bulk for Whole Foods.

Black teas

Green and White Teas

Herbal Teas

Chai Blends

Flowering Teas

But I also like these organic tea brands for tea bags:

Traditional Medicinals

Buddha Teas

Numi Teas

Tulsi Teas

Tea Accessories

Infuser Teapot
Tea Infuser Cup
Tea Ball
Tea Infuser Spoon


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