Seasonal Detox

The Group Start for the Winter Detox is happening on February 18th! Don’t miss the party! Sign up here to get going.

Oh, and PS: here’s a free, quick and easy PDF I put together about Teas, Herbs, and Essential Oils That Help with Detoxing. It was based off a couple popular Periscopes I did and I wanted to make it super simple for people to put these things to good use! Just sign up and it’ll get sent directly to your inbox.


Megan of GingerNewtrition is one of my closest friends and respected health colleague…and I couldn’t be more thrilled to join her in this detox.  I’ve done this program before and I know for a fact that Megan takes amazing care of all her Detoxers!

After doing this group the first time, I was amazed at how much of a difference it made in my energy levels, digestion, and moods. And I consider myself to be pretty healthy normally! It just goes to show how much a reset can do for our bodies and minds…and how good it feels to have someone guide you through a well put together program that takes all the guess work out of what you need to do.

I’m a Group Moderator during this seasonal detox so I’ll be there to answer any questions you have and provide guidance for total success. I can’t wait to have you join us!

PS: Megan and I have 4 very special videos coming up that are FREE BONUS GIVEAWAYS for anyone doing the detox this time around. You won’t want to miss those!





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