Paleo Banana Almond Waffles

This is just my personal opinion, but I think waffles may be one of the best breakfast foods ever (somewhere under bacon and eggs). They got those cool little pockets where butter and maple syrup can nestle in while you transport the forkful and they go with pretty much anything. My opinion, I believe, is validated by those old school Eggo commercials…but naturally, I think we can do a little (or a lot) better than those cardboard-waffle-wannabes. These waffles are healthy, delicious, and come together in just a few minutes. (Bonus: they’re an amazing way to use up those old bananas that didn’t quite get eaten in time!)



–2 ripe bananas
–3 eggs
–1/3 teaspoon salt
–4-5 teaspoons organic cane sugar (it just depends on how sweet you want them)
–1 cup almond flour (see comments below)
–1 cup tapioca flour (see comments below)
–2 teaspoons chia seeds


1. Combine your bananas and eggs into a medium sized mixing bowl. Blend together with an immersion blender for a couple minutes or until incorporated. (I haven’t tried it but I’m fairly confident that a handheld mixer would get the job done as well.)

2. Add your salt and sugar to the banana and egg mixture and stir.

3. Start adding in your almond flour and tapioca flour, several tablespoons at a time. The reason for this is because the exact amount depends on how big or little your bananas are. If the bananas are on the smaller side, you may need slightly less almond and tapioca flour than the full 2 cups but you’re going for the consistency of pancake batter. Just add and stir, add and stir until you’re happy with the consistency.

4. Add in your 2 teaspoons of chia seeds and stir well.

5. Heat up your waffle iron and use the batter like you normally would.

Got a favorite waffle recipe? Share it in the comments section below!


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  1. “… I think waffles may be one of the best breakfast foods ever (somewhere under bacon and eggs). ” My sentiments exactly. Your recipe looks good will have to try it. BTW, when bananas aren’t eaten in time, I cut them up and put them in waxed paper. They are still great for smoothies and are already frozen.

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